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The Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship.

Spectator Information.

BCCC round 6 - Walters Arena, Glyn-Neath. 21 / 22 October 2017.

Ryan Cooke wins Walters in 2016.

BCCC round 6 - Walters Arena, Glyn-Neath. 21 / 22 October 2017.

Freelander in Myherin
  Gary Simpson. Richard Coleby in the Polaris RZR XP Turbo.

For the 6th and final round of the 2016 season of the Britpart British Cross Country Championship we are travelling to Walters Arena, which is located just north of Glyn Neath.

Walters Arena has a good mix of gravel tracks and cross country sections, with the service and rally HQ centrally located.

This is an excellent venue to spectate, the spectator parking will be arrowed to an area close to the start and finish and also service and Rally HQ, where you will find the notice board with the results after each round.

Please do not congregate around the start and finish areas, but instead walk to one of the dedicated spectator viewing areas where you may safely view.

As with all our events toilets and a burger bar can be found in Rally HQ.

The Location.

The road to the Rally HQ and service will be sign posted from the A4109 at the entrance to Walters Arena.

The road to Rally HQ and spectator parking is quite long, please follow the arrows and be aware that there will be two way traffic on this road.

A map showing the access route to Rally HQ can be found here

The Timetable.

The weekend will start with scruitineering which will take place prior to the first car at 10.00am on Saturday. We expect between 6 and 8 runs before the final run late Saturday afternoon.
The Sunday runs will start at 9.00am. We should see, possibly, 6 runs on Sunday before prizegiving at 3.00pm

There will be no breaks in the event (other than recovering broken vehicles)

Spectate safely.

Much has been written recently regarding spectator safety on motorsport events, Marches 4x4 take the safety of everyone on or around the stage and service area as a top priority. Please help ensure that we make the event as safe as possible.

Many competitive vehicles will be travelling past you at motorway speeds or above, just how close would you stand at the side of the motorway ??
On the rough terrain we use it is easy for a car to loose control and stones may also fly long distances, please listen to the marshals and be aware of the dangers

Designated spectator areas will be signposted from the spectator parking area. These spectator areas are chosen to give the best view of the stage in addition a radio car will be located in the area and the marshal will be happy to keep everyone updated with interim results and details of any holdups.

The vehicles.

We have a number of classes ranging from production cars with very few modifications to commercially produced cross country cars from companies such as Bowler and Milner. In addition some competitors build their own vehicle around a space frame.

On our events you will find a good selection of vehicles from light weights to heavy weights and engines from 2ltr to monster BMW V10 engines producing 500BHP from 5ltr's.

Our course is always a mix of cross country and gravel sections this reduces the discrepancy between the various types of vehicle and leaving it much more down to the skills of the driver.

The vehicles are very rugged and take a lot of damage. It is not unusual for a vehicle to roll or take an extended trip into the undergrowth and still continue to the end of the course and collect a time.

  Gary Simpson.     Steve Smith and John Griffiths

General Information

Please, please.

Do not park and block any of the roads leading to the stage as these may be used by emergency vehicles.
Any vehicle blocking these roads will certainly be moved, possibly in a hurry have been warned !!

Don't forget.

The marshals will always advise you of the best places to spectate and as most have radios will be able to keep you up to date with what is happening.

The full list of the 2017 venues are in the RHS of this page.

So please come along and watch, the marshals are friendly and the competitors just love showing off to the crowds.

What is a BCCC

  Gary Simpson.  Alan Thomas at Radnor in his Warrior Gemini

The MSA British Cross Country Championship is a competitive safari comprising of six rounds and is held around the UK taking in some wildly varying terrain from the rocky slopes of Wales, to the moorland of Scotland.

Held over two days it is a single venue event with a course of between 4 to 10 miles. This course will be run non-stop on both days with typically 10 - 12 runs over the weekend.

The course will be live from 10.00am on the Saturday and 9.00am on the Sunday, but please be warned, there will be official cars travelling the course prior to this, some at high speed.

The event will normally finish about 3.00pm on Sunday with the publication of the provisional results and a prize giving at Rally HQ.
The BCCC rounds are open for National A competitors and also Clubmans who may enter just for the weekend.

Some safety information.

  • Prepare yourself.
    The area's we use for our events can have unpredictable weather. Please make sure you have sturdy shoes or boots, waterproof garments.

  • Always listen to and obay the marshals.
    We take spectator safety very seriously and would like you to enjoy the event without putting yourself or others in danger. The marshals will always tell you the best places you can safely watch the event.

  • Children and animals.
    It is not ideal to take small children and pets with you on these events, if it is unavoidable then please ensure that they are under control at all times.

  • Do not walk across or on the track.
    In addition to the competitors there will also be a number of official vehicles, some at high speed, both before and after the event.
    It is never safe to get too close, stones will fly over long distances and some vehicles may not make a lot of noise as they approach ..... Be alert at all times

  • Car Parking.
    The organisers will ensure that adaquate parking is available. If you park elsewhere then please make sure you are not blocking an emergency access road.
    Any vehicle found blocking an emergency access road WILL be moved.

  • Fires.
    Do not light any fires or BBQ's

  • Smoking.
    If a car stops near you or you go to assist a competitor, DO NOT smoke.

Marches 4x4 hope you have a safe and enjoyable event.

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Event Officials.

Clerk of Course.
Roberto Aliperti.
07816 135 238

Deputy Clerk of Course
Terry Day.
07748 465059

Deputy Clerk of Course &
Communications Officer.

Phil Turley.
07530 366114

Chief Marshal.
Jerry Herbert.
02920 514114
079899 68992

Secretary of Meeting.
& Entries Secretary

Lilian Turley
Oakdene, 32 Park Road
Berry Hill, Coleford
Gloucestershire GL16 7QU
01594 810161, 07896 967 443

Eligibility Scrutineer.
Vic Palmer.
0785 077 6247

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Oficial Photographer.
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2017 BCCC Timetable.

8 - 9 April.
Round 1, Myherin, Tarenig.

13 - 14 May.
Round 2, Radnor Forest.

3 - 4 June.
Round 3, Forest Estate, Scotland

22 - 23 July.
Round 4, Ceri.

9 - 10 September.
Round 5, Bovington South

21 - 22 October.
Round 6, Walters Arena