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The Britpart Freelander Challenge.

  Gary Simpson.       Pat Masters joint winners winners Round 5.
bccc round 1 winner
  Gary Simpson.       Michael Wilson Joint winners Round 5.

BCCC round 6 - Walters Arena, Glyn-Neath. 21 / 22 October 2017.

For the 6th and final round of the Britpart British Cross Country Championship we are travelling to South Wales and to Walters Arena, which is just a few miles north of Glyn-Neath and the A465.

This venue has a long history with cross country motorsport, stage rally's and the WRGB.
As the last round is held at the end of October and prone to highly inclement weather we need a site that bomb proof, and Walters Arena is certainly that.
The ground is hard and tough on vehicle and driver, but does give an excellent mix of the fast, smooth and somewhat tricky.
This is an ideal venue to bring along your sponsors, friends and family. There are good viewing areas and the service and camping area is huge with plenty of space for everyone.

As this is the last round of a very sucessful season you can be sure that our course builders will have a few tricks left up their sleeves to keep the competitors on their toes.

The Location.

The service area is a large and flat hard standing with the start and finish close to hand.
There is no water on site, but we will have toilets and food.

The service area and Rally HQ will be arrowed from the A4109. The access map can be found here:- just click

We also provide free overnight camping for Friday and Saturday.
You are advised to bring your own water as none will be available on site.

The overnight camping is an ideal oportunity to meet other competitors and the officials, unless of course you are wielding a lump hammer to straighten out your vehicle.

Freelander in Myherin
  Gary Simpson. Nic Lines in Scotland.

The Timetable

  Gary Simpson. Alex Howard wins Forrest Lodge 2016.

The site is open from Friday afternoon.
You can get your vehicle scrutineered and your documentation sorted, late afternoon and early evening on Friday before heading off for your BBQ. You may, if you wish, walk the course to check out the tricky bits, many competitors bring bicycles for this, but any form of motorised transport is forbidden.

Saturday kicks off with documentation and scrutineering at 0730 hrs for those who missed the Friday's session.
At 0830 hrs there will be a non competitive convoy run of the course, this together with the stage map, which will be issued at documentation, will reduce the number of surprises and make your runs a little safer.

Drivers briefing will be at 0930 hrs, it is mandatory that you attend this.

The first competitive run of the day starts at 1000 hrs and is in seeded order. After the first run, you may then return to the start for your subsequent runs at a time of your choice. The number of runs and your final run time for the day will be announced after the first run.
The day normally finishes late afternoon. Sunday's timetable is an hour earlier with the first competitive run at 0900 hrs.


You may take a passenger around with you. Your passenger will have to sign on with the entries secretary and be a valid club member. This is a nice way to say thanks to sponsors, or as a treat for friends and family. If they are not used to motorsport it would be prudent to ensue that they have a very light breakfast !

So why not join us, or just spectate on one of our rounds, please note some rounds are not open to spectators, please check the spectator page on this site.

Results from round 5.

PosCar noCompetitorTime Total Champ Pts
1111 Pat Masters/Colin Batten02:55:03221
2118Michael Wilson/Ian Letman02:55:03140
3119Mike Smith/Colin Pote03:01:48147
4117 Ian Linford/Reynolds03:05:27100
5115Graham White/Martin Cooper03:05:44171
6114Ian Morson/Vicki Morson03:22:37176
112Alex Howard/George Fleming52
113 Richard Roberts/Richard Blears 82
116 Brian Chase/Benoit Le Gendre3

PLEASE NOTE Championship points for round 5 not yet added.

What is the Britpart Freelander Challenge.

Race to Recovery in the Freelander Challenge
  Gary Simpson.   Race to Recovery team.

The Freelander Challenge first ran in 2011 and was the brain child of Selwyn Kendrick and Chris Ratter.
Many of the competitors in the BCCC run costly high performance machines, 5 litres and 500 bhp is not unusual.
Obviously this does not help to encourage newcomers to the sport. A low cost alternative was needed.
The Freelander Challenge is a production class, that is they are "street legal" machines with the only modifications being those required by the MSA to ensure an acceptable level of safety. These vehicles could be used for the family shopping on a Friday and rallying across the moors of Scotland on the Saturday.

The Britpart Freelander Challenge brings a level playing field to our sport. All cars will be identical, only the skill of the driver and navigator will make the difference needed to get in the points.

The Freelander Challenge runs with the BCCC and competitors will use the same route. To qualify for a Championship position you will need to complete 4 of the 6 rounds of the BCCC.
The Freelander Challenge has seperate regulations which may be downloaded from the RHS of this page.
These show the permitted modifications you may make to the vehicle and the tyres you may use.
You will need a minimum Nat B (Non Race) Cross Country Competition Licence. your passenger needs only to be a valid club member and to have signed on with the Entries Secretary.

Join the fun in 2017.

  Gary Simpson.       Graham White and Martin Cooper.

Since the inception of the Britpart Freelander Challenge in 2011, it has grown steadily year on year. The appeal to many is the low cost of the vehicle, any standard Freelander needs only to be compliant with the safety requirements of our governing body, the MSA, and you are good to go.

Competitors need a minimum Nat B (Non Race) Cross Country Competition Licence. any passengers need only to be a valid club member and sign on with our entries secretary.

You may test the water by entering a round as a clubman, or bite the bullet and sign up for the championship, either way you will be made most welcome by "the gang". More importantly much good advice can be gained.

The locations of our events is listed on the RHS of this page. Four rounds in Wales with round 3 in Dumfries and Galloway and round 5 in Dorset.
At each round you will have free camping, toilets and on most rounds a burger bar.
The service areas for most rounds is large and level, however on some it can be a bit cramped. Usually the service area is close to the start and the notice board in rally HQ will give up to date times for each round.

These are family friendly events with most competitors bringing their wives and children and of course the BBQ for the evening get together.

Most of our officials and marshals travel to all the events which creates great camaraderie.

How to join us.

Freelander  Gary Simpson.    

Our Entries Secretary is your first port of call. She can provide you with all the information you need and point you in the right direction for further advice.
For all your technical information contact our Championship Scrutineer Vic Palmer, details for both are on the LHS of this page.

If you are uncertain why not come along to an event and meet "the gang" you will get a lot of good advice, then, why not just enter for a weekend and test the water ?

The Freelander Challenge can offer you twice the mileage of a stage rally at around half the cost and it's a lot more fun.

Still undecided ? then why not check out our Facebook page, the YouTube page and the Blog. All the links are on the RHS of this page.

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Freelander Challenge Websites.

Event Officials.

Clerk of Course.
Roberto Aliperti.
07816 135 238

Deputy Clerk of Course
Terry Day.
07748 465059

Deputy Clerk of Course &
Communications Officer.

Phil Turley.
07530 366114

Chief Marshal.
Jerry Herbert.
02920 514114
079899 68992

Secretary of Meeting.
& Entries Secretary

Lilian Turley
Oakdene, 32 Park Road
Berry Hill, Coleford
Gloucestershire GL16 7QU
01594 810161, 07896 967 443

Eligibility Scrutineer.
Vic Palmer.
0785 077 6247

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2017 BCCC Timetable.

8 - 9 April.
Round 1, Myherin, Tarenig.

13 - 14 May.
Round 2, Radnor Forest.

3 - 4 June.
Round 3, Forest Estate, Scotland

22 - 23 July.
Round 4, Ceri.

9 - 10 September.
Round 5, Bovington South

21 - 22 October.
Round 6, Walters Arena

Motors TV Coverage.

28th April. 20.38hrs.
Round 1, Myherin.

2nd June. 21.13hrs.
Round 2, Radnor.

23rd June. 21.30hrs.
Round 3, Forrest Estate

11th August. 22.14hrs.
Round 4, Ceri.

29th September. 21.48hrs.
Round 5, Bovington

10th November. 21.23hrs
Round 6, Walters Arena